Selection of Sites to visit

Recommended sites

 Professionals with the same approach and training than mine

Sabine Billebaud     : Caniconsultante and Feliconsultante (75) 
Sylvie Chantre         : Behaviorist dogs & cats (06 and surrounding area)
Violaine Forest         : Behaviorist human/dog (Paris)

 Useful sites 

PAROLE DE CHIEN            : Parisian dogs-visitors in medical community association

CHIEN-PERDU.Org           : to declare a dog lost or found

I-CAD                                    : Central file to declare an animal found

Foundation Law Animal : Official site

Service Public                    : Output of France of a pet

 Breeding labradors having all my trust 

Les Hauts d'Alsace                              : Labradors only chocolate (Alsace, 68)

La Vallée Cheron                                  : Labradors black and yellow  (Val d'Oise, 95)
Tintagel Winds Labradors                : Labradors black and yellow  (Haute-Savoie, 74)

 Cattery that I recommend 

 La Chatterie de Virvarnon

      Family breeding of cats British shorthair and British longhair (78590)

 A unique and highly personalized service to scan

pictures of your dogs and create albums!

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