Des chiens et des humains   by Dominique GUILLO

Even before the arrival of Homo sapiens sapiens, the dog kept us company. How to explain this strange association, this unique place occupied by man's best friend, by this animal who surely knows so well to go with us? The study of the dog proves instructive, on him, of course, but also... on ourselves! Who is? Whence? How he perceives the world? How does communicate with us? Understand our language? Whence its access of aggression possible? And we, hence our commitment to him? It compensates our emotional shortcomings? Is it normal that we talk about him? That we felt understood by him?

Over reading, emerges the landscape of canine subjectivity, a very different world from ours (not, dogs don't talk, don't dream nor sees as we...), but with which we enter easily interact. Even woven misunderstandings, communication is real, requiring us to abandon the idea of an impassable frontier between man and animal. We must clearly: the dog, with which we built a real society characterized by its constants, cultural variation and its history, is finally more close to us that the chimpanzee.

Editions Le Pommier (March 2009)

Also available in paperback

Editions Le Pommier (September 2011)