Eduquer sans punir    by  Dr. Thomas Gordon

Educating without punishing, that's what any good parent and every teacher wish. Although many studies have shown the harmful effects of punishment, authoritarianism or permissiveness, although education methods have changed, the discipline remains the primary concern of educators.
Now we know that it is the self that brings greater satisfaction to parents and reduces physical and psychological problems in children. It has been clearly demonstrated that increases their self-esteem themselves, their sense of initiative and their social and academic success.
Using case studies presented in this book, you will discover new ways to bring the children to change their behavior, and this, without resorting to punishment or rewards. Thus, you will help them resolve their conflicts in good agreement to assume their responsibilities and deal with their own problems.

 Pocket Editions Marabout (January 9, 2013) New édition

 Old pocket edition Marabout (sept. 2009, blue title)
 Old edition Edition De L'Homme (2003, red background)

(Recommended book just before starting the training Operrha)