My References

Graduated Consultant by the institute OPERRHA (95)

Validation of the memory of end of studies on:
"L'Approche comportementaliste dans six élevages de labrador"

(only in french)

November 2009Autumn University behaviorists in Maisons-Alfort (94)
                                    Conferences organized by the Association CAD
                                   (Comportementalistes d'Aujourd'hui et de Demain)

February 2014: Seminar Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) , in Nice (France)
                                           led by Grisha Stewart, American dog trainer

Interesting approach to a dog training method desensitization aggression and fears of the dog. 
The principle is never to exceed the threshold of emotional tolerance to let him adjust and soothe him as much as possible even face a momantanement stressful for her situation. The work is done with the dog on a leash in a secure environment

Nurse D.E.

Morphopsychology (study of personality through facial features)

And all of this Fabulous Experience on a daily basis of all dogs which have so wonderfully staked my life;

Samy, Ike (short-haired Dachshund) in my childhood, and then later, in turn,

Donald (black labrador),
Horace (Newfoundland), Japeloup ( Newfoundland),  
Pomerol (Wire-haired Dachshund), Petrus (Wire-haired Dachshund), 
and recently disappeared, Sam , yellow labrador

With still today (First-) ELIOTT, amazing chocolate labrador, 8 years old