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My testimony on Eliott and emotional shock
he suffered at the death of Sam


 History of my dog Eliott

Eliott (First-Eliott des Hauts d'Alsace) was born 13 May 2010 in breeding Hauts d'Alsace, headed by Christel Domeland near Mulhouse.
This breeding produces only pure chocolate labradors; in addition to being beautiful, they are mostly very balanced with excellent early development conditions provided by Christel Domeland wonderfully.

Eliott has happened in our family July 3, 2010 at the age of 2 months, remarkably well received by Sam, sand labrador then 9 years old.

This was the beginning of a beautiful and fantastic adventure, reciprocal melee games and especially beneficial exchanges between them. Eliott the example of Sam's wisdom to their learning and Sam, probably appeased by the presence of another dog like him, has never been epileptiform seizures (see My Testimony On SAM).

They stayed four years together, without any rivalry between them, sometimes just a few adjustments Sam devoid of violence. What Happiness!

 Disappearance of Sam

After a long and painful treatment for his osteoarthritis of the hind legs, we, face to her suffering, take this unbearable decision November 26, 2013 to help our Sam to join the paradise of nice dogs. He went peacefully in my arms. It was a moment of intense sadness.

 The daily resumed

We have taken care in the days that followed, Eliott, to keep the same lifestyle as before; same behavior by all towards him, even his bowl of his basket installation and even ride alone (Sam, suffering from its joints last week, couldn't come with us). Eliott appeared to recover slowly from this brutal separation, keeping his usual tone and his joie de vivre.

 Beginning of the massive fall of hair

Despite his good humor kept, a detail ended up alerting me:  during the weeks that followed the disappearance of Sam, peeling Eliott has dramatically changed; much more intense than a molt, and outside any licking or any skin disease, Eliott massively lost all his hair. He who has always had a very beautiful dense chocolate coat, he found himself the victim of a monstrous alopecia, leaving almost hairless and especially sporting a greyish color, away from the wonderful dark chocolate hue that always had. Vitamins given by my vet did not change anything.

 Return to its previous appearance

The following month, without having changed his always cheerful behavior and we have changed our lifestyles, Eliott has gradually recovered its dense coat chocolate we have always known it. In a few weeks we have found our Eliott as it was, full of life and always so beautiful!

He even during the months gained wisdom and stood up to be a dog more "mature" than before. He was finally able to run in the puddles during walks! privilege was careful only Sam and qu'Eliott duly fulfilled.

Confirmed by my vet, this intense alopecia Eliott was due to the loss of Sam, resulting in him an important emotional shock despite an unchanged behavior.

Finally the dogs are also able to resentir intense emotion and sometimes can the somatize without context of their lives and that their behavior is changed.

Agnes Vieljeux - Behaviorist Consultant
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