Question 10

Hi I have my dog barking after all soon I have neighbours how can I do to make him move it. When I played it s order but to resume shortly after.

Thanks for your reply


My answer

Find it me difficult to answer you efficiently with so few elements mentioned in your mail.

Causes of bark are so numerous and are still (in the first place) the expression of a real difficulty of the dog in his daily environment: fear, stress, lack usual of being alone... It can subsequently and depending on the living situation, use(*) this behavior according to the reactions and changes that have been barking. Is so, for example, that a dog, in a garden, can bark constantly (for fear at the start) when people pass in the street. These people, pursuing their way, move away of course but for the dog, they are barking that put on the run, and it will therefore resume barking every time that someone pass along the fence, in order to keep away what made him fear.

Before resorting to any crackdown on your dog to silence, it would be more efficient and environmentally friendly for him to find the real cause in your environment or your relationship with him. To do this, you need to call a professional such as a behaviorist who, by observing his context of life with you, will advise you effectively according your own expectations and that of your dog.
If you live in my industry (Gard, 30), I can help you in this work, and according to your request make me yours.
Otherwise, I will be able to transmit the coordinates of other caniconsultants in your area.
On my site you will find all the necessary information:

(*) Exploit: repeat the same behavior to find the result the first time.