Question 11

Good evening. I am looking for an educator, a breeder, a behaviorist with experience, who can tell me - by mail - the things that wrong with the education that I give to my dog.

In the title, I scored difficult. Difficult but not unmanageable. He does not have the upper hand on me, but cause me full of small worries that begin to irritate me severely. I was always told that around 7-8 months, it is their teens... where it tests. Here are my concerns:

History of Daffy: Has four months, he was violently attacked by a bullmastif of 50 kg, and it was in a State of shock for several days. The mother of my friend it was overprotected as a kid, the days where I worked. I think him a little authorized everything and anything. Because since this attack, Shadow Barks for no... After a dog, a passerby, in the car at a traffic light, leaving out no reason... What I am doing at this time? I have tried everything so far. I put him a slap on the train back firmly not telling him. I sent him to bed 15 minutes in its basket. I lifted it by the scruff of the neck and shake slightly. Instantly, it does not the proud, well on the contrary, it makes his head beaten dog, and I spend for evil. I am told to leave it alone. I bought barely three days ago a bark collar citronella spray... ineffective. I'll have to go to the electric while I hate the idea. Since the attack, I made him meet lots of other dogs, male and female - because it was a female-. I let her learn alone dominance and games codes.

In addition, barking, he put a almost a month ago in destroy everything up to get sick. Thing he has rarely done before. This is not chewing bones, toys that squeak, the Kong, strings missing yet. At my place of internship, it allowed me to put it in a room, and it has devoured 2 rolls of kitchen paper, 1 box of Tuperoire 3 times, because he left the resume into the trash.

Yesterday, new year's Eve, I was told to say nothing to my dog, that it was not serious... It runs like a derate in house and overturns a flower pot! Okay, it's not his fault, hear you say me. But I think that tonight, he could easily have happened to ask their droppings in the kitchen (knowing that it is clean and that it does more long), devour shallots and newsprint in the sunroom, try to give any ptits shots of teeth on my hands, while I'm annoyed it, try to NAB a few pieces of meat in the kitchen, play with the bowl of water with its paw, open cupboards used to eat a tuperoir... makes deliberately to attract my attention, want to have fun, or tests me - it simply?

I think I can already offer him many things, beyond the toys occupying, I took her in the forest in perfect freedom here only, city, countryside, I come even to pay almost €200 for a canine education club, so he can romp in the agility, it is a border collie, I have a lot of land, it is often out (except for my boyfriend). Today, on this Christmas day, he did still nonsense, and there, it comes to wake me up, because it was still a... I'm tired of always having to annoy me after him. I don't know what to do... It is inconceivable to my beautiful family, spank, or too raise voice over a dog... So what I have to do, stroke it?

Also, just I've gotten so that people in general, the more in love with the dogs, lets jump, gives it to eat at table, something which for me are inconceivable, and that I've always resisted to not do it myself. They destroy that I barely build with Daffy, an education solid and at the same time, a great complicity with my dog.

I hope that through this post you'll understand my anger and my helplessness in this situation.

What am I doing wrong, well? What I don't understand about Daffy? I am unable to part with me but I am ready to pay the price for it helps me. Do you have the closest educators to advise me? I am of the region Auvergne, Moulins precisely.

Of course, you are not obliged to respond to this message.

Kind regards

My answer

The severe difficulties that you are experiencing with your young dog require emergency consultation with a behaviorist, for the safety of your surroundings and especially the emotional balance of your dog greatly disturbed by the attack of the mastif. Any trauma experienced before six months can score to life the emotional state of a young dog.

But grace, from here then do abuse more this poor Daffy with extremely repressive necklaces (citronella or electric) or by attitudes punitive as shake it by the scruff of the neck, or a tape to 'silence': it does not bark for nothing: he is just to tell you, by his attitude, about him scared and doesn't get on your part than harsh penalties. These too bathed repressive attitudes of culture dog inadequate and disastrous (of type canine education) are dramatically worse emotional state of your Border Collie. Your dog has already lived a huge trauma that seems have scarred it for life (as I said, any injury suffered by a dog during its first months of life remains forever registered in its memory), do not add in. His "aggressive" reactions (for you) are designed to do away what scares him. However, with his past, terrifying him scares! be tolerant with him and most importantly, until the intervention of the behaviorist, the only attitude to have when he is afraid, is to trivialise: do nothing, so that he learns to adjust itself. We must also get out now in very peaceful places, or it can regain confidence without having to be wary of what approach the style human, animal, or object.

When in its devastating type behaviour according to you, they prove that Daffy also needs to be quickly appeased by reassuring and repositioned coaching instead of dog in your coexistence. For this also the behaviorist can help you and guide you through this process of reorganization of your contacts with your young dog and teach you the basic needs of a dog on a daily basis. This will participate to calm him and reassure, which is superfluous in the context of life.

Only a professional like the behaviorist can help to finally establish this comfortable and reassuring relationship missing between you two by rearranging all your exchanges. It may especially guide you to improve, by appropriate attitudes, the immeasurable fear of your dog. I is not in your area, but I can transmit the coordinates of other behaviorist in your area. Don't wait, it is high time to act for safety and good be emotional your Daffy small that you love so much.

Finally, it was not question for me to not to carry your message, so your situation and your Daffy me were arrested.