Question 12

I would like to contact you because my dog made me pee top last Saturday.
We were in agility, it was fresh it was a lot of wind, and Neros, my dog kept not to complain. In addition he knew I had pieces of cheese in the Pocket, that I forgot to give him as reward twice.
Then towards the end of course it made me pee top.
It is the first time that there is a such thing.
What should be understand.
Thanking you in advance for your reply.
Although cordially.

My answer

I am missing many elements to understand the reason for the behavior of your dog, as his race, his age, and more precision on his life context: does he live in an apartment, a House with children, other adults or animals...?

It happens that a dog comes unusually urinating on its owner when it handles badly, or not at all his animal. This behavior is somehow a way for the dog to position itself even more as a leader to his master.
Then need to review urgently the entire organization of exchanges between canine and human in order to restore a coherent and respectful coexistence. Cohabitation where people will line up as leading towards their animal, without compulsion and authoritarianism of course.
This work requires the help of a professional such as the behaviorist to understand and analyse the situation, to then advise the owner to restore or establish a cohabitation more balanced and reassuring.

Whatever it is, your situation would make me more reminiscent of a behaviour of great stress on the part of your dog's style auto-apaisement, depending on the context in which this happened: cold, wind, agitation, fatigue, tension... Behavior that should be studied by relating it to its context of life he had just to reproduce. It has however nothing to do with Oblivion for a reward; the dog doesn't have enough cognition to the rapprochement between the rewards he had not and the vengeful Act of you urinate on it.

Surely emotionally overwhelmed by the hostile environment of the time, most managing to adapt, there of trying to auto-apaiser by various attitudes which this spontaneous act in order to break free of tensions, as others have baillé, panted or searched for scratching the ear (auto-apaisement other behaviors). Do see especially no retaliation on his part!