Question 2

Living in a ground floor residence, I have a 2 and a half years pussy coming out when I'm at home. My garden and one of my neighbors are separated by wire mesh, 1 m. They come to take a dog (doberman cross beauceron) ten months at the Spa. My pussy was used to go in their garden.
Today I am afraid for her. That the dog kills her or him to do evil.
Y' have presentations to do? At home? My home? Or do I let do? My neighbors will take training courses. I suggested to bring my pussy also. Is this a good idea?
I'm really anxious at the thought of losing my pussy...
Thank you sincerely for your advice.

My answer

Obviously, before you let your cat go in your garden and your neighbors, please take some precautions.
This outdoor cohabitation (dog of your neighbors and your pussy) is delicate because it is a young dog from the SPA, and so the past probably a bit difficult and mostly unknown.
Therefore, it is not easy to know if he has already shared the cats during his period of socialization (learning that any puppy is eight weeks with her mother and her siblings, allowing it to better accept the presence of a cat subsequently).
So, first and foremost, it is essential to enhance and strengthen your (too low) Broil and place a view shield so that on the one hand your pussy can no longer pass on the other side and that especially the dog does noticed it more, which will participate to appease him.
In addition, there is no need to go attend education sessions, your pussy would cause a big mess in the Group of these dogs!
I can tell you a behaviorist who can advise you so that you can regain confidence in your pussy, especially when it will be out.

2nd mail


Thank you for your reply and your precious advice. Living next to Bordeaux, I could find a behaviorist directory.
I'll soon get in touch with her for an appointment.
Thanks again for your help.