Question 6

I would like to explain the problem that we face now and have your opinion see tips.
We have 4 years a dogue de bordeau aged 5 years and we have just two months to acquire an old English Bulldog 1 year ago.
Initially the relationship between the two dogs was very good, no sign of aggressiveness to other. When we have and let our companions only just happens a wonderfully no worries, however when we are at home things go differently. No apparent reason the latest entrant in the House empties aggressively on our dogue de bordeau which of course is defend what has already resulted in signs of bites, none of the two dogs seems ready a yield and of course we separate them at the risk of us to bite our turn. For ' moment in order to avoid personal injury we follow the English Bulldog has his every move preventing him from approaching the other (a situation which cannot of course continue) often he tries to circumvent us or even bite us to arrive has its purposes. We personally think it's jealousy and that the Bulldog is possessive. My wife thinks the best is to calm the Bulldog in patting and him speaking calmly for my part I would be more radical and I eloignerais the dog on the terrace after each attempt of aggression. We love our two dogs and do not want to have to arrive at separate us from one of them. What can you advise us and this situation may even last long?

Thank you for the attention you have given to the present.

My answer

Your description of the situation sums up very well the dangerous problems that settles in your coexistence with your two dogs.
It is not a fix only between your two dogs, since, as you rightly state, it nothing happens when they are all alone.
Everything is located at the level of your presence with them: your reactions, your attitudes on a daily basis are probably (despite you) a certain tension between your two dogs which become both adults now need to fit between them.
The fact to punish them or attempt to separate them does only escalate, you can see yourself with your Bulldog who tries nevertheless approaching the other.
Do not reassure them, especially one, which only reinforces the tension between them.

Best would be to quickly call for a behaviorist, whose work is based on the study and analysis of cohabitation with the dog (s), and not an "educator-canine-behaviorist" which would act by crackdown on dogs, leaving them no possibility to explain them.

The behaviorist help you better hierarchically manage your two dogs by explaining how to reorganize your dealings with them to restore a more safe and peaceful cohabitation. One or two interventions seem necessary (perhaps more) depending on the situation. Your relationship with them, your reactions to them and your installation can also be influential on their behavior. It is important, under the advice of the Caniconsultant, now let your dogs to adjust them even among themselves, without your intervention.

I insist on the urgency of the situation: the time which passes only increases the tension between them at the risk of exposing yourself to even more aggressive behaviors your dog and most dramatic situations. Act more quickly, so that your cohabitation can finally become more secure and balanced. I can help you in this urgent work on my way home, if you live in my industry (Gard - 30).

2nd Mail

It would be with great pleasure that I would come has your consultation however I live in the US difficult to take the plane to come to you :).
I have found your details on a site internet I speak almost commonly English but for this kind of explanation is difficult anyway.
Whatever it is I thank you for your reply