Question 7

I practice running for a long time and the holidays often give rise to unexpected encounters with stray dogs or freedom. I'd like to know what is to be taken at these meetings. What should he say, do to escape smoothly and peacefully :)

Thanks for your reply.

My answer

I understand your embarrassment, when you cross a dog belonging to person when your running session.

The attitude to have will depend on the behavior met dog, and your reaction:

If it seems to ignore you, made as much: "go your way": do not look (not even a brief look, this is important), and continue your jogging in the quiet.
If on the contrary, he seems to want to get out of curiosity or aggression, stop you quietly to run, do not move, look away and say nothing: in this situation or the dog may react aggressively because he's afraid, he must at all costs avoid watching it or flee power! Indeed, run risk of awaken in him the instinct of predation, and there, even the best sprinter in the world won't be able to behind it!
If the dog approach you despite everything, it will generally be that for sniff you. Once done, it will very probably continue her route without paying you more attention, if you make as much.

In summary, you banaliserez the encounter with a stray dog by ignoring the three attitudes: not a gesture, not a glance, not a Word, less you will have difficulty with it.

Happy holidays and good jogging!