Question 9

I have a small dog of 9 months Spaniel which is very nice.
I just moved but for now I only take the week-end because I did not close at the moment, the rest of the week it is with my mother.
I have the impression that when ' it comes back in mother it is a little bit disturbed and a little sad. What should I do.
More yesterday morning when I took him back I gave him a bone and when I wanted to caress her telling him to review it to wanted to bite me.
So I decided I no longer give bones to eat.
What should I do.
Maybe I should finally take him home when the closure will be made. I.e. within 3 months
Waiting for a response
Thank you

My answer

Your small dog surely struggled to adapt to the different life contexts proposed, it would be probably more emotionally comfortable for her to live in the same place with the same person.
In regards to your episode with the os, the reaction of your dog is quite legitimate 'canine' version: she believed leaning toward her want him take it back, and you'd have certainly bitten if you had pursued your gesture toward it.
For a dog, all food is vital, we don't mess with it. It is better actually give him a toy next time and you avoid all food (even a bone in buffalo hide is a dog food) outside its bowls.
Rather you will offer him a stable cohabitation, rather it can if soothe and live more calmly at your side, provided much knowledge manage your exchanges with it.
Sometimes, it takes the help of a professional such as the behaviorist to establish or re-establish good relational and environmental bases with his dog. I can help you to do this on my way home if you live in my industry (Gard, 30) in order to realize on place of the context of life for your dog and give you personalized advice adapted to your expectations and the needs of your dog.
You will find all the necessary information on my professional site:

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