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1 Learning breast for stairs

Note with what patience this mother seeks to motivate his little, little decided to go down!

2 Fondling accepted, or not

This video shows how a dog to accept or not our approach and our caresses

3. A great in the US, conducted rescue with great Respect!

Note the infinite respect in this rescuer approach vis à vis of a stray dog.
Approach with gestures calm and reassuring, a soft voice and a smiling face.
If in confidence, it will even bring it up to its well hidden puppies

4 Video showing the violence of these training collars
operated by remote control

Can what learning effective and sustainable the dog do with such an assault? ...

6. Potentially hazardous situation...

I voluntarily broadcasts this dramatic video showing
a baby wandered into the Paws of a dormant Argentine Mastiff,
in order to alert parents of young children.
 Never leave your children "play" with a sleeping dog

A clumsy gesture of BB, an emotional tolerance threshold exceeded for the dog,and this is the accident...
The jaw of this dog is a phenomenal force against the fragility of this BB!

 Parents, teach your children to always respect a dog that sleeps
Your responsibility is engaged!


6. Quand les chats piquent les coussins des chiens...!

Pas facile parfois pour un chien de cohabiter avec un chat... !!

7. Enjoy...!

See and review!
(video of the pub offered by a brand of beer on the occasion of the 2014 Superbowl)

... More videos are coming...!